Outbreak of Coronavirus came as a shockwave to the entire world. Several infected people had visited Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, the place from where the outbreak started but still not clearly known. The COVID-19 pandemic, also known as the coronavirus pandemic,has been an ongoing pandemic, also causing acute respiratory syndrome.The exact cause of this spread is not clearly known,but with close contact of people, without any protection it tends to spread more easily.It is said that it is more likely to be spread through saliva,body fluids,excretions.

Forming small droplets and getting passed on to another person through an infected being from coughing ,sneezing,speaking. Talking about the symptoms of breathlessness ,cough,loss of smell and taste one should be very alert about them and consult a doctor if the symptom persists for long.


It has been advised to take precautionary measures like social distancing, wearing masks,gloves ,washing hands with specifically formulated alcohol content handwash,wearing facemask. Infected ones are said to be in isolation, that is to be quarantined at home or hotels for people coming from a different state or country.Lockdown was imposed on advice of our scientific community as the pandemic would have resulted in our growth going back by 20 years.Lockdowns “ Stay at home “ were issued in most countries as it would slow down the spread of Covid-19 as a preventive measure. Avoidance of social gatherings at public places and in order to follow the social distancing rules tapes, floor stickers and signs are used .



An estimated 14 crore people lost employment and salaries of many were cut. 45% of the households also reported an income drop compared to the last year.So if the lockdown is extended the social and economic life will be greatly impacted. Rupee will continuously depreciate. MSMEs will undergo a severe cash crunch. There will be a mass exodus of people migrating out. There will be a lot of worries regarding the availability of jobs, food rations etc. India will have to rethink her development plans and make it more inclusive. COVID 19 has also provided some unique opportunities to India. There will be an opportunity to participate in global supply chains, multinationals will start losing trust in China. To ‘Make in India’, some reforms are needed, labour reforms being one of them.


Constantly sitting at home will lead people to depression.When you are forced to stay at home accompanied by a sedentary lifestyle and no physical activity it will have a negative impact on people’s lives and mental well-being. Stress and mental illness will increase due to job loss, low income , lack of social exposure and get- togethers . Especially the mental health of children would be affected .They would not have any physical activity , their energy is curtailed.


Adults can practise yoga either alone or online with others. Reading books, Listening to music, trying out recipes, indulging in hobbies like painting and crafts. One can learn new skills Lately there was a funny video as to “WHAT YOU DID DURING LOCKDOWN.” and a lady was shown with a background music of cook cook cook cook…. .Yes! If one has a passion for cooking then can try exploring different styles of cooking. Since we have more time we can do video chatting,zoom,google meet and maintain friendships and bonding with our relatives.Despite such troubles we Indians with strong will-power can overcome such situations to our advantage. For office -goers who are forced to work from home can get more time with their families and save time commuting due to upgraded technological intervention.


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