2 min readDec 8, 2020



Dreadful!! The journey of 2020 would be a very difficult phase for many. Having cancelled many plans, fun tours, meetings of people and many such dreams of people coming to a standstill . It’s been a year full of hopelessness ,miseries and distress Loss of jobs, low pay , tensions of daily survival or day to day living, economic depression.


As I was based in the US after marriage and after getting the visa extension formalities and my husband was eagerly waiting to come to India to visit my parents.I was so filled with joy to visit them. Just before booking our tickets the Covid thing happened unexpectedly. I was so upset because it was after 2 long years I thought that my wish came true to finally meet them. A short vacation indeed. We were stuck at home and my husband was working from home, but it used to be so boring and depressive with isolation and nowhere to go. Ordering things was done online .People used to come and deliver groceries and provisions at door step. Absolutely no visits outside as the strict “Stay at home” order was enforced. I used to find it miserable with the situation. There was no socialising at all.


During the month of july, The Vande Bharat Mission started. Though it was difficult to get a ticket my husband somehow managed to get one. Once again I was filled with happiness and excitement. Though my husband couldn’t come as we were H1b Visa holders , he had to stay back. I came home on an Air India flight. There were the usual quarantine rules on arrival in India and I had to stay all by myself for a week at a hotel.

It was a bit scary as it was my first flight all alone. I also discovered a more confident version of myself travelling alone, able to do things on my own. After a 7 day quarantine period and my Covid test being negative , I was allowed to go home. That period was a mixture of happiness and apprehension for me. Happiness that I could be with my parents and apprehension of what if the Covid test was positive, as many people were asymptomatic. By God’s grace , everything went smoothly.

This year 2020 will be an unforgettable year for me as is with the whole world. For me specifically because , It was my first flight alone during such a Pandemic. It also helped to build a sense of confidence in me .